Residential Cleaning


Ckatdig Cleaning Services takes the utmost precautions we it comes to residential cleaning because we understand the importance of the privacy and security of your

 home. Therefore, Ckatdig Cleaning Services has come up with a systematic approach that enables this matter.

By having a quality control inspector double check to make sure everything is like it was before we came, clean and secure, Ckatdig Cleaning Services has established a

steadfast checks and balances system for our residential cleaning service

Types of residential accounts we service:



• Multi-story homes
• Single-story homes
• Townhouses


• Apartment Complexes
• Condominiums
• Move ins, Move outs



Commercial cleaning

Commercial cleaning just so happens to be one of our specialties. Ckatdig Cleaning Services has managed to apply a suitable due process to all of our

 commercial accounts. While staying in accordance with OSHA’s regulations, Ckatdig Cleaning Services ensures that your facility will be top notch condition.

It would be our pleasure to have one of our adequately trained, uniformed, fully insured and bonded cleaning/floor technicians come to service your facility.

The types of commercial accounts we service:

• Multi-tenant Buildings
• Post Construction
• Car Dealerships
• Family Fun Centers
• Educational Institutions


• Office Spaces
• Medical Facilities
• Banks
• Retail Stores
• Daycare Centers


Professional cleaning services

Ckatdig Cleaning Services utilizes many methods in order to go about cleaning your carpet. Ckatdig Cleaning Services understands the science behind carpet cleaning.

 Therefore, we don’t cut any corners because we realize that carpet cleaning is a process and not just a job. With our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machinery,

 Ckatdig Cleaning Services cleans carpets the way they should be done.

Types of carpet cleaning methods we apply:

• Hot water extraction
• Encapsulation


• Steam cleaning
• Bonnet cleaning








 Green cleaning

When you think green cleaning, you should think Catdig Cleaning Services. Global warming and the severely damaged ozone layer are at record breaking levels. That is

 why Ckatdig Cleaning Services applies rigorous standards that help to sustain the earth. The beauty of our green cleaning services is that we are able to help sustain

 the earth without having an impact on human health. Furthermore, we have certified LEED Associates to confide and consult with our clients for their green building


Types of green cleaning methods we apply:

• Using green seal certified products
• Using multi-level hepa filtration vacuums
• Using microfiber cloths and mops
• Staying in accordance with a systematic green cleaning standard


  Floor cleaning

There is nothing like floors that shine as if they were brand new. With our floor technicians that specialize and focus in on the maintenance of the floors solely, there is

not any floor that we can’t bring back to life or maintain. Ckatdig Cleaning Services has the magic touch and some of the best kept floor cleaning techniques. Once you

experience the outcome from our floor care services, you definitely will receive a treat.

Types of floor care methods we apply:

• Stripping
• Waxing


• Buffing
• Grout Cleaning



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