Finding good quality help is hard!! You hear that a lot in our industry and in part it is true. That is why it is my pleasure to express how happy we are with the services of ckatdig cleaning services.

From a quick clean to a final clean on an 81 unit building Donna and her crew have shown us that quality still exists.

We have been very happy with their services - they are Honest, Hard working, Detail oriented and dependable. I would recommend them anytime.

 B. Small

Our Cleaning Services


Commercial Services:


General Office Cleaning Service

Our office cleaning service ensures a worry-free way for your business to maintain a professional atmosphere day after day. Let us do the cleaning so you can concentrate on your business.

Whether you need daily, weekly, or monthly service, we will customize an office cleaning program designed specifically to meet your needs. Our staff can work during the day or after business hours to accommodate you.

General office cleaning routine may include:

• Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
• Trash collection and removal
• Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming all floors
• Cleaning and disinfecting doorknobs, telephones, switch plates
• Complete interior dusting
• Shining all bright work
• Replenishing consumable paper products in restrooms
• Window and glass cleaning













Janitorial Service

Because you have better things to do with your time!
We will customize your service by day, week, month or project event to fit your needs.

Our janitorial services include:

• General office cleaning
• Office kitchen cleaning
• Carpet and hard floor care
• Window cleaning
• Restroom detail cleaning:
• Consumable products replenished
• Toilets, urinals, sinks thoroughly sanitized
• Floors mopped and disinfected
• Partitions, wall tiles, dispensers, receptacles, doors disinfected

Turnover Cleaning

Quick turnover means money in the bank! You need your rental property spotless and fresh smelling for prospective tenants. You can rely on ckatdig cleaning services for fast, efficient service. Our professional teams will take your property from disgusting to divine in no time!

Turnover Service includes:


• Appliances - cleaned and sanitized inside & out
• Sink, Countertops, Cabinet Faces - clean, dust, polish, and sanitize
• Floors & Baseboards – cleaned
• Light fixtures – vacuumed or dusted


• Tub, Shower, Sink - scrubbed and sanitized
• Toilet - cleaned and sanitized
• Fixtures & mirrors - cleaned and polished
• Countertop & cabinet faces & drawers – cleaned

Laundry room:

• Washer/dryer: exteriors cleaned
• Clean floor, shelves


• Windows - inside glass cleaned, track and sills cleaned
• Walls/Ceilings – dusted and cobwebs removed
• Woodwork – damp wiped, polished as necessary
• Floors - swept, vacuumed, and mopped
• Baseboards - dusted
• Closets - dusted, vacuumed
• Switch plates – damp cleaned
• Sliding glass doors - cleaned inside and out
• Blinds & ceiling fans - dusted
• Lighting fixtures - dusted

EXTRAS *additional charges apply *

• Heavier than normal cleaning
• Steam sanitizing
• Power washing
• Debris removal
• Carpet cleaning

Post Construction Cleaning

All your hard work and expense to create something beautiful should be shown at its best. Let ckatdig clean up that plaster dust and dried cement on the windows. We’ll give it the final detail touch it deserves!

Work Phases:

• Final Clean
• Windows inside/our
• Tub/showers
• After carpet, before paint touch-up
• Remove vinyl mask, clean vinyl flooring
• Dust walls, base, doors and millwork
• Detail Clean
• Before Buyer’s Warranty walk though
• Touch-Up Clean
• Detail clean everything after Warranty punch

Work Inclusions:

• All doors (including closets) damp wiped, front and back
• Door knobs cleaned
• Threshold tape removed
• All walls dusted
• Window tracks vacuumed and wiped down
• Window glazing and skylights cleaning in and out
• Window ledges damp wiped
• Vinyl flooring swept, vacuumed, damp mopped
• Carpet vacuumed
• Baseboards, moldings & corners cleaned
• Interior heat vents vacuumed
• Hardwood flooring cleaned in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
• All counters, tubs, showers, sinks, toilets, & mirrors cleaned and free of labels, paint, putty
• All fixtures polished
• Shower doors cleaned inside and out
• All cabinets damp wiped inside and out
• All labels and owner’s manuals removed from appliances and placed in drawer

Residential Services

Residential Cleaning

Imagine coming home after a long, hard day to find your house sparkling clean and springtime fresh. That’s the Time Solutions experience!

Maid Services (limited)

Company coming and you need the bedding changed? No time to clean up the breakfast dishes this morning? No problem! Let our cleaning staff help you out!

House Watching Services

What’s happening at your home while you’re away?

Vacation? Business trip? It’s never a good idea to leave your home empty for any length of time. We’ve all seen the news reports of homeowners coming back from a trip to find there’s been a fire, a break-in, or major water damage due to a plumbing break in their home. With our House Watching Service we offer you the peace of mind that your most valuable asset, your home, is being cared for as if it were our own!

Our Basic House Watching Service Includes:

• Check security alarm systems
• Verify that heating or cooling systems are functioning properly
• Check pluming, hot water heater, and ceilings for evidence of leaks or mold
• Check that windows and doors are closed and secured
• Flush toilets and run water from all taps
• Confirm refrigerator and freezers are cooling properly
• Check for evidence of unwanted pests and insects
• Check for visible storm damage
• Periodically turn lights off and on
• Check exterior for signs of illegal entry, vandalism, trespass, or weather damage
• Confirm outside furniture and structures are secure
• Collect packages, newspapers, junk mail, flyers
• Provide a weekly email report to keep you informed

Optional Homeowner Services:

Home Closing – After you leave for your trip we can arrange for cleaning of interior, empty the refrigerator of perishables, empty the trash, set light timers, have your car detailed, etc.

Home Opening - Don’t you hate getting in from your vacation or business trip late at night only to remember that there is no food in the house? Or you arrive to a house so hot that it will be hours before you can sleep comfortably! Let Time Solutions’ shop for you and have your refrigerator stocked when you arrive. We can even have a meal prepared and waiting for you! We can arrange a light cleaning, turn down the A/C, restart your newspaper, or whatever will make your homecoming more pleasurable.

Housekeeping Service – Houses get dirty even when no one is home. ckatdig cleaning services can provide you with ongoing cleaning while you’re away or a one time cleaning before you come home.

Obtain estimates for lawn care or window cleaning. Upon your approval we will hire and oversee contractors for these services for you.

Accept Deliveries – We can be the contact for deliveries that you have scheduled.

• All of our services will be tailored to your specifications and needs.
• Where evidence of storm damage is found, ckatdig cleaning services will contact you immediately for instructions. We will be happy to contact local contractors for repairs or estimates. We can also provide digital photographs of any damage.
• In cases of illegal entry, we will notify the police before entering the home. They will report to

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